Nowadays everything can be 'pabebe' and that includes the supernatural like a witch. Yes, a Pabebe Witch who goes by the name Virgie.

So there's this video going around social media where a woman who's apparently under the spell of a 'mangkukulam' (witch). It was said in the video that an unknown magical spell was set upon the victim (woman in green) by her envious neighbor, Virgie.
Kinulam virgie pabebe witch

In the video, there's also this guy who is sort of exorcising the spirit of the witch that seemed to have possessed the woman. We will now call this witchcraft exorcist guy Gangstah Albularyo so he get his share of awesome internet aliases. Now let's get back to what transpired during the supposed exorcism. So the Pabebe Witch possessed the victim but Gangstah Albularyo has greater power than her so he managed to subdue her and made her leave the victim alone by threatening to cast upon her an even more powerful and fatal spell

We have no idea to what is that even more powerful and fatal spell is like but I like to imagine it would be something like Goku's giant energy ball or some special skill that involves awesome lightning and concentrated laser beams. Unfortunately, Virgie, the Pabebe Witch surrendered and promised to leave the victim alone so Gangstah Albularyo did not have to use his special spell.

Here's the video:

What do you think? Is this Virgie the Pabebe Witch video for real?

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