This past several weeks the Filipino internet space has been infected by the Pabebe Fever it all brought us entertainment so how about we see Pabebe Girl and Pabebe Warriors in a music video? What you think? That would be great for those who are taking this Pabebe thing lightly but haters are also going to flock to it and express their hatred but in the end all is going to be well for this Pabebes.

According to our different sources in the mainstream entertainment industry, the Pabebe Warriors and Pabebe Girls are being sought by people from ABS-CBN Star Music to offer them to be part of a music video. In fact, one of our staff members here at Pinoy News Blogger received an inquiry from a staffer of Star Music on July 13th asking for Pabebe Girls' contact details. Of course our staff happily obliged and gave them details to reach Pabebe Girls. We so want to see them on a music video!

The Star Music guys did not give us specific details of the music video so we initially speculated that it might be a music video for Vice Ganda's new song called Wag Kang Pabebe. Today Star Music announced the shoot of the video and Mary Jaydeeryn Ellias a.k.a. Pabebe Girl/Pabebe Queen/Pabebe Mamon posted this photo which pretty much confirms our guess.
Pabebe Girls and Pabebe Warriors Music Video

Meanwhile, as of this writing, Pabebe Warriors' video on YouTube has reached almost 1.5 million views while Pabebe Girl Eating Mamon gained 400 thousand views.

What do you think? It seems to us that when they said "Walang makakapigil samin!" they really mean it. It appears that nothing can stop them now from having a mainstream career.. Which is good for them. Now let's wait for the release of Pabebe Girls music video and see what it's like.

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