With her recent invasion on social media particularly on Filipino internet spaces with her sheer beauty and charm, we are now proclaiming Kim Domingo as Kagat Labi Queen. That is because her video clips of herself where she bites her lips with those braced set of teeth are just what melted the hearts of so many men (and some women) on the internet.

As you may already know, we have a compilation of videos of Kim on our YouTube channel and I can tell you that the amount of praises she gets through the comments is pretty staggering so we decided to give her a title that reflects her contribution to interneting space -- that is gorgeously lip biting on camera, hence Kagat Labi Queen.

The Pinoy News Blogger team had an excruciating debate as to what is the fitting title for her. Two of our male staff even engaged in a duel just to pick the right title for Kim. You see, giving the right titles to internet personalities is serious business for us. Pinoy News Blogger was the first to proclaim Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) the Filipina Dubsmash Queen and we are also the one who first coined Pabebe Warriors. We are just saying. lol.
Kim Domingo Kagat Labi Queen

In light of her being proclaimed as Lip Bite Queen, we give you her majesty's latest kagat labi with kindat combo video so that you may worship her more.

Also here are her other videos where she lies in bed, dances, smiles, sticks her tongue out and many other things that is too fracking sexy!

What do you think of Kim Domingo being hailed as Kagat Labi Queen? Did she deserve it? Share us your thoughts!

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