Iglesia Ni Cristo's founding family's feud is now becoming talk of the town. It's getting more and more interesting as the story unfolds.

It all started when a video was posted on YouTube showing Angel Manalo, brother of INC Executive Minster Eduardo, pleading for help because according to him their lives are in danger. From what or who, he did not say.

Reporters from mainstream media were on stake out outside the INC's central office and stronghold when something interesting happened; a man flashed a sign from a window of one of INC's building and it read: "Tulong! Hostage kami!".
Iglesia Ni Cristo hostage
photo from Rappler

Questions now arouse.

Netizens, both members and non-members of Iglesia Ni Cristo, are confused. Why is there a person in the INC property claiming that he is a hostage? Why was he detained there? Who is he?

A blog called INC Silent No More claims that at least 9 minsters from different locals were abducted and was being held hostage somewhere. Could the INC building in Tandang Sora, Quezon City is where the 9 ministros detained. Illegally, of course. Because you know, INC is a religion and not the authority.

Meanwhile, a woman was crying in the vicinity of the said INC property begging Eduardo Manalo to release the ministers who were allegedly illegally detained.

Iglesia ni Cristo member Shirley Cruz Rosal begs INC head Eduardo Manalo to release ministers allegedly held in captive, including his brother Angel and mother TennyRead more about the running saga on Rappler: http://bit.ly/1GFr4Gs
Posted by Rappler on Wednesday, July 22, 2015
The INC's General Evangelist Bienvenido Santiago says that they are excommunicating Angel and Tenny Manalo.

Iglesia ni Cristo general evangelist Bienvenido Santiago: We will excommunicate Angel and Tenny ManaloRead more about the running saga on Rappler: http://bit.ly/1GFr4Gs
Posted by Rappler on Thursday, July 23, 2015

What do you think of this Iglesia Ni Cristo's Manalo family feud? And what about the hostages? Well, this story is still developing so we'll see.

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