There's a new hottie that is making the rounds in social media and this time it's not a fast food manager nor a cute doctor but a 'pulubi'. You read that right, it's a hot pulubi roaming the streets of Manila begging for money and asking for cigarettes.

Pictures or get the f*ck out right? So here's a photo of him taken and posted by TV5 host named Shawn Yao:
hot pulubi in Ortigas

Yao posted the image of this hot beggar she saw around Ortigas with the following caption:

"Let me present to you the cutest beggar I’ve ever seen in Manila. Obviously, he isn’t really a beggar. Obviously, he is not mentally stable (but just as obviously harmless). He always showers in the Ortigas Park waterfall, begs for yosi (in accented English), and digs through trash bins. He wears no shoes and artfully ripped clothes. I thought it was a social experiment or Wow Mali at first. I always wonder what happened to him. Rumor is, it was a broken heart. Yep kids, broken hearts can drive perfectly cute guys mad."
The #pogialert post quickly reached the attention of pogi hunters who we believe are scrambling now to find the hot pulubi with saltik. Ah yes, he's not mentally stable and that was apparently caused by a broken heart.

Apparently, many netizens say they have encounter this hot pulubi and a bunch of them reported that the guy though obviously mentally unstable is not violent and would normally just beg money in accented English from people but only accepts bills not less than 50 pesos. He also approaches smokers and asks them for cigarettes.

Here's another photo of Mr. Hot Pulubi taken by another netizen from much earlier this year:
As of this writing, no one has come forward to tell us just who this hot pulubi in Ortigas really is.

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