Love knows no end for Dez as he opened his girlfriend Che's casket for one last time to hold her hand and put on a wedding ring on it. The heartbreaking video has gone viral as it touched so many netizens' hearts.

According to Catherine Templo-Coching, the person who shot and posted the video on social media, the deceased woman's boyfriend opened her casket, took out a small box containing their supposed to be wedding rings. He put it on her hand and another on his. He also put a necklace around her neck and a couple shirt that has the word SOULMATE printed on it then he finally gave her their final kiss before closing the casket.
guy puts wedding ring on dead girlfriend

According to our source, Che and Dez has child  and has been planning to get married before she passed away.

Watch the heartbreaking video of Dez saying his final goodbye to his girlfriend Che.

What do you think of this story? This guy puts wedding ring on his dead girlfriend to show how much he loves her. Would you do the same?

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