Jay Bee the Atenean doctor who deliberately delayed the Jollibee delivery guy from making the delivery on time posted a message to all his fans around the world. He thanks all his bashers by raising his middle finger at all of us netizens who reacted to his cruelty.

For those who don't know, this Doc from Ateneo de Manila University bragged on social media that he delayed the Jollibee rider by not answering a phone call from the receptionist where he resides, thus making the rider late for the 30 minute guarantee delivery by a minute and qualifying the Doctor to receive a 200 Peso discount.

According to evil doc himself, the delivery guy was actually on time but he purposely delayed him just so he can avail of the 200 peso discount for his order.

Normally, the people of the internet got furious because that is what normal people would be upon learning a dishonest deed done to someone who do his job well. But our now famous Doc has a message to all the people bashing him for his wrong doing:
Doc Jay Bee
"Pakyu daw kayo sabi ni Doc"
So from a scale of 1 to repeated kick in the face, how would you rate the guy who delayed Jollibee rider Doc Jay Bee's message to his fans?

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