Clash of Clans or COC gamers are all playing for different reasons. Some play for fun, some to socialize and make new friends through its multiplayer while some indulge themselves in the game to forget the real world for a while.

This worldwide popular mobile game lets its players discover fun, resource management skills, camaraderie among many other things while some discover memes. Ones that are about failures in love and romance. Here are some of the COC hugot memes we've collected from all over the internet.

"Buti pa yang base mo kaya mong ipaglaban. Bakit ako hindi?"
The golem has a heart of stone.
Don't be so clingy.
 You are kept waiting. Always waiting.

Some people will just use you.
Sometimes you just can help compare your life to the game.
Clash of Clans COC Hugot lines
You searched for a clan you will someone. Sometimes even the one.
This is very accurate.
Your smile is just a veil. You are really hurt and needs a hug and pizza and 750 thousand dollars.
Everyone deserves a second chance but not everyone will have the chance to get it.
Who heals the healer? Saddest question.
Hugot line COC Healer
If only you can just pay 225 pesos to get the one you love, you would.
Again, all you need are hugs and kisses and 2 million pesos to be happy.
Love is like COC. You look away and it gets attacked by someone else.
Play the game all you want just don't play games with the feelings of other players.
Every time you try go near he/she just keeps on pushing you away.
Shield is your protection. Only protection.

Just join him or her so you can fight the war together.

What do you think of these memes? Does it hit home right in the very feels? If you have your own Clash of Clans COC Hugot Lines please share it with us as we are trying to collect as many as possible.

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