Previously, the story of evil doctor Jay Bee who intentionally responded late to Jollibee delivery man to get a discount went viral which made the netizens go beast mode on him. Now, a FB post suggests that Jollibee rival McDonald's also had issues with a rude customer.

One day (July 3, 2015), netizen named Archie Dela Torre decided to post a status detailing his experience at a McDonald's store. Apparently, Archie wanted to get his hands on all of the Minion toys sold at the said store but the store has a policy to only sell three Minion toys per customer so the store manager told him that is the case.
Boy Minion Archie dela Torre slap McDonald's manager

Poor Archie, however, did not find it just so he decided to go beast mode on the manager and threatened to physically assault his person (which is a criminal act) with what Archie called 'slap policy'.

"I assure you that my palm will touch your face.", he apparently told the manager which led to the manager giving in to Archie's persistence to purchase all Minions.

Needless to say, Archie "Boy Minion" earned the ire of his fellow netizens and one even wrote a comment calling out his "nonsensical, immature and meaningless Earth life".

And that my friends is how Archie Dela Torre alias Boy Minion came about. Kthxbye.

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