Links to the alleged Andrea Brillantes video scandal is now spreading like wildfire on social media but was it real or fake? The two videos has started trending just several hours ago and made it to the top trending topics topics on pretty much every social media platforms.

According to experts, such as anonymous commenters on various blogs where Brillantes' name is on, there are two alleged videos of her doing private things like being naked and touching private parts while in front of a rolling camera. The first video dubbed as the 'part 1' is 1 minute and 35 seconds in length while the 'part 2' is only 27 seconds long. We say again, we know this because some anonymous commenter on a blog whose name is too explicit to mention here wrote in a comment.

Another anonymous commenter on a particular explicit blog reported that the two clips were shot from different areas of their house; one in a bedroom and the other inside a bathroom. Again, we know this because some anonymous commenter reported it.

The Links

Ah the ever elusive download links for such files! They are hard to find and most often than not, you will end up compromising your device because such files are often buried deep in a shroud of viruses. But there are good links though if you search wisely and securely.

We must warn you though that we do not recommend searching for the said scandalous video not just because it's generally not a good thing to do but also you may end up having your computer or phone seriously infected with malware. That said, we advise you to think it through very carefully before clicking a link.

Is it Fake or Real?

Well, just like of the many people and fans of the poor 12-year-old actress, we want it to be fake but then again experts such as anonymous commenters on various blogs testified to the internet that it is indeed 'too real' to be fake. Someone even posted a collage of pictures both from Andrea's social account and from the alleged scandal clips to compare its background.
Andrea Brillantes scandal download links spreads on social media

Meanwhile, netizens who claimed to have downloaded and watched the Andrea Brillantes scandal said that it is indeed her but the link they got it from also brought them viruses.

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