Some people watch the news to know the current affairs in our society while some watch for traffic updates and weather reports and then there's some too many males who watch the news because of the hot weather-woman for Televisa Monterey named Yanet Garcia.

Miss Garcia here will not only tell you how hard the weather for the day will be but she will also make other things hard and tense like your facial muscles that you use when you smile because she's so efficient in reporting.

Yanet Garcia weather woman breaking the internet

This news program is in Mexico but a lot of the folks here in the Philippines (specially males) are now doing what it can to get Yanet Garcia to move over here and do the weather reporting for one of our local news program.

Yanet Garcia gorgeous
Because of the Philippines being prone to bad weather all year round, we need this woman. She's all this calamity stricken nation needs as a weather-woman because she has a nice set of... skills in reporting stuff regarding rains and storms and other bad things that happen in the atmosphere.

Aside from her excellent weather reporting skills we also need her here because of her superb, uh, personality that we all need to brighten up the viewers' day even if it's raining cats and dogs outside.
Weather woman yanet garcia
If those pictures has not convinced you yet that she is the best weather reporter then watch her videos below. She's so great in reporting you can understand her message to the viewers even if you mute the volume.

Wow! I mean, she's a great weather-woman this Yanet Garcia and her eyes are adorable too.

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