A rather infuriating story about a single mom that was offered a job in exchange of sexual favors was posted on social media today. The internet reacted as it should - by getting pissed off at the alleged maniac who's trying to take advantage of the needy single parent.

A Filipina single mother (identity withheld) took to social media to raise other people's awareness regarding a potential sex offender she encountered via text messages while trying to land a job at a local BPO company. The suspect guarantees she will get the job but asks something in return that he referred to as 'gift'. Read their sms conversation below:
singe mother offered a job in exchange for sex

After this whole went viral across every social media platform known to Pinoys, the alleged man who's asking for sexual favors as a gift from a single mom that he is helping land a job, issued a response also via social media. Read his message to the public below.
That is his side of the story. Now the question is, is that the truth? Did he really not try to take advantage of the poor single mother?

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  1. Gagawin pa nya tayong tanga?!!! Ikwento nya yan sa pagong. Kung talagang gusto nya linisin yung pangalan nya, dapat sabihin nya kung sino yung kaibigan "kuno" nya. Kung sa akin ginawa yon ng kaibigan ko, tumbong lang ang walang latay sa kanya. Magpapalusot pa kasi eh.

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