A set of pictures featuring a woman partying at a club getting all nasty and touchy feely with a bunch of guys are now making the rounds on the interwebs. The reason why it's going viral, we are not sure yet weather the people find it disgusting and immoral or they're enjoying them secretly.

Anyway, there are actually more than ten photos in the album uploaded to FB which quickly picked up by various community pages. But we will just put the least vulgar of the said photos. Take it as a teaser lol. So here's one of the pictures of the female party goer.

Party Goer Bianca Ocampo
"Eeww! So nasty and immoral I'm not going to secretly enjoy viewing these photo!" --Male Netizen
From the looks of it, the people in the picture appears to be between ages 18 to 25. But that's just our speculation. Some people speculates that the persons in this picture, though of legal age, might still be students that depends on their parents.

So what do you think of this story? Is it indeed immoral or did you secretly enjoyed it? Is this really worth debating for?

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