Kim Domingo is the name of the cutest girl that did that Twerk It Like Miley Dubsmash craze and she's also the woman that you are going to be in love with after you are done reading this webpage. She's a professional model often seen in magazines and car show events.

Domingo, who's already have a lot of followers in social media even before the Twerk It Like Miley craze began, is now becoming even more popular after her video doing the said Dubsmash video went viral racking up over a million views on her FB alone in just 3 days. That's insane as far as virality's concern.
Kim Domingo Twerk It Like Miley Dubsmash

Now how did she do it, you ask? Well, for starters, she's beautiful. Extremely. Beautiful. No (real) man on Earth right now will say that she is not. Her sheer beauty is what made the video viral. She's a natural stunner. In fact, she is so gorgeous half of our female staff here are nagging their boyfriends for watching Kim's Dubsmash video. It's like Ms. Domingo here has inflicted half our female staff members a new strain of jealousy. Anyway, the other half of our female staff now have doubts about their genders.

We are so captivated by Kim Domingo we made Kim Domingo's Twerk It Like Miley into a long version just so we can give the replay button some rest.

If you managed to not get stuck on that video, here's the popular Twerk It Like Miley by Cute Girls Compilation we made.

Are you done? Watching the video, I mean. So what do you think Kim Domingo's Twerk It Like Miley Dubsmash? Was it good? For us here, no, it's magical.

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  1. you're so cute ate kim.I hope that your not aSnobber