Laglag Barya Gang strikes again but this time their modus operandi got caught on video. The incident happened inside a jeepney in Cebu.

YouTube channel asti tao first uploaded the said video and said that the incident took place Friday, June 12 inside a jeepney route number 13C passing Talamban to Colon.

Apparently, this group of four thieves are quite popular their local and has been called "Hulog Piso Gang".

You can see in the video that the gang smoothly executed their modus and successfully stole a wallet from the victim; a woman.

Watch the Laglag Barya Gang in action below.

Laglag Barya Gang | Hulog Piso GangLaglag Barya Gang modus operandi caught on video.
Posted by Pinoy News Blogger on Monday, June 15, 2015
The public is advised by authorities to always be vigilant and suspicious when out in public.

The question now is how long before this so called Hulog Piso Gang are brought to justice?

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