Mitoy and Mika are gamers of the popular wait-or-pay-to-enjoy Clash of Clans better known as COC and through that game they became lovers. Let's get to the main reason why this story makes it interesting and that is the obvious fact that the guy is not that good looking as per popular standards.

Although he is not that good looking, he still managed to capture the heart of the girl, Mika, by whatever means we really have no idea. Our male staff are currently speculating as I type this that the guy must be rich and he won the heart of Mika by showering her precious COC gems. But to be safe we just settled for "love is blind" thing.
Clash of Clans COC couple

This couple is now going viral across various social media platforms and we predict that it will reach the attention of mainstream media like Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho by next week. But until then, we won't know how their love story came to be so yeah, we just have to settle for the "love is blind" thing.

How do you feel about this couple? Is their love a proof of forever? Or it's something else? It's most likely something else according to one of our gamer staff who's been single for years. Anyway, the real question is, is this Clash of Clans couple real or just a hoax?

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