9-year-old Haley Ford does what she can to help the less fortunate and that is by building them shelters. This girl from Bremerton, Washington, has made it her goal to construct shelters for the homeless.

According to her "It just doesn't seem right that there are homeless people. "I think everyone should have a place to live." she said. Her first project is an 8ftx4ft wooden structure for her homeless friend Edward who has been without home to live after losing his job at a supermarket. Haley made the shelter from wooden pallet donated to her.
9 year old girl builds shelters for the homelss

With some help from her grandfather and her mother, Hailey builds the shelters by hand and she aims to complete the construction of 12 shelters by the end of this year. Which we firmly believe she will accomplish with the help of other people that keeps pouring out their help and support after Hailey posted about her project online. On her Facebook page, people who wants to help her out are starting to flock offering her materials which she can use constructing her homeless shelters.

Aside from these shelters, she also has this fruits and vegetable garden to grow food for the homeless in her community. In fact, she donated 128 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to the homeless folks in her community last year.

What do you think of this story? Does Hailey the 9-year-old who builds shelters for the homeless inspires you to help your community and the less fortunate? Share us your thoughts.

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