A party goer went to a party but she turned out to be a party pooper, literally. At least that is what these recent viral photos is suggesting. Before we proceed, a disclaimer: The following photos are of human feces aka poop. It's going viral so we had to post it. Click away if you don't want to see any poop picture.

The photos were taken in an undisclosed location outside the Philippines but our sources tells us that it was in Middle East. The said photos came with a story that tells us the woman has diarrhea and that the gross photos are the evidence of it.

woman poop at party

When we say gross we mean it. These photographs are of a woman's excrement on the floor and everywhere in a party at the club! That said, proceed at your own risks but let me advise you to make sure you have eaten your meal already because this will most likely blow away your appetite because, you know, these are photos of poop.
woman poop at party 2
That's totally gross!!! I'M SO GROSSED OUT I'M CAPSLOCKING THIS SENTENCE! How is that guy she's with does not seem to notice? Or maybe he knows and his hand is about to crawl down and touch her there. WTF?! I need to stop thinking now.

How about you, dear reader, how do you feel about this sh*tty story? Did you enjoy looking at the photos of the woman who pooped in the party? Share us your thoughts!

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