A Japanese woman tried to eat 100 hamburger in one seating in front of the camera for the sake of posterity. Surprisingly, this woman looks average and pretty slim but she has the appetite of Snorlax.

Yuka Kinnoshita is a Japanese YouTuber who runs a channel centered on eating insane servings of food. Needless to say, this woman loves to eat and so far she's done several dozens of videos featuring herself eating lots of food. Food she devoured includes pizza overloaded with toppings, giant bowls of noodles, gallons of ice-cream and a whole buffet lunch. Yes, there's more than one occasion when she ate the a whole buffet lunch good for ten 5 persons all by herself.

Woman eats 100 burgers

Watch how she takes on the 100 burgers challenge.

Although she can eat whole buffet lunches all by herself, she did not make the 100 burger challenge but she did get pretty close having eaten 62 burgers all in one seating.

What do you think of this woman who tries to eat 100 burgers? Is she some kind of mutant who posses superhuman appetite? Share us your thoughts!

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