Have you ever heard of a teeth falling out? I bet you have because that is normal and natural. But what about teeth that fell out then put back in using superglue? Well I bet, that's new and is not normal and very unusual.

This woman, Angie Barow, who was too afraid of the dentist decided that do it yourself dentistry is the way to go when she had her teeth suddenly falling out. The 48-year-old professional dog walker figured that the best way to put stick back her teeth to the gums where it belongs is by supergluing it.
Woman superglued her teeth back in her mouth

Well, her DIY dentistry procedure did not turn out so well as Angie lost 90% of the bones supporting her teeth in the top jaw. At this point, she was forced to seek professional help from real dentists? You know, the kind of dentists that never use glue to restore patients' teeth.

To get Angie from further dangers of her having superglued her gums, the dentists had to extract most of her teeth and install titanium pins into her skull so she can still use false teeth.

DIY dentistry is apparently a thing in the internet. Many people are resorting to solving their dental health problems using remedies found on the internet. Needless to say, this can be really dangerous and that is what Angie Barow's case has prove.

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