Stories of people cheating on their significant others are not new to social media. Most of these stories are truly heartbreaking to read but is it really what it is as told by the one who got cheated on? Or there's  another side to the story?

Take for example the story of this man who posted on Facebook saying that he found out that the love of his life has been having an affair with his brother. He was devastated and people who read his story would have expressed sympathy to him if his ex-girlfriend did not air her side of the story.

First, he posted this status saying how he was devastated and broken when he found out his girlfriend was having an affair with his sibling.

Woman caught cheating with brother of her BF
 It was heartbreaking story and one can easily jump to conclusion that his girlfriend is total sl*t for smooching with her bf's brother, but then she commented on his status message and all was made clear.
The boyfriend was apparently a douche and a slacker who also cheats behind her back.

The lesson here is always clear your browsing history. Just kidding. The lesson here is not all cheating sob stories is what it is as told by one half of the party involved. After all, a relationship  is consist of two people so there will always be two sides of the story. Also, do not cheat. It ruins things, destroys family, ruins childhood and is generally bad for a relationship.

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