What's a Pabebe anyway? The term Pabebe was first coined by social media users who's so fed up with annoying 'sobrang pa-cute' girls. Pabebe is also synonymous to 'maarte', 'feeling maganda', 'sarap iuntog sa wall', 'sarap sikmuraan sa mukha' among many other phrases that expresses annoyance to a person.

Now back to the question: Who is this Pabebe Girl that is making waves on social media? Her name is Mary Jaydeeryn Elias. We don't know her exact age but she appears to be young. Very young. Read: minor. According to the about section of her FB account she is a model, dancer, freelance model and talent at Abs-Cbn. She's from DasmariƱas, Cavite and is currently in a relatioship. Whether it's Pabebe Boy she is with or not, her profile didn't say.

Pabebe Girl was born.

Pabebe GirlOn November 25, 2014 Mary Jaydeeryn Elias decided to upload a video of herself being alone and sad in a big mall in Cavite. And like any other lonely sad and hungry little girl in a big mall would do, she continued recording herself eating mamon. In her own way she demonstrated the differences between  how the rich, the poor and herself would eat a mamon. After the mamon eating demonstration, those who managed to get through that had to watch her do a song cover of some pop song.

The said video did not go viral until the month of May 2015 when several FB pages stumbled upon it and shared it with wider audiences. Since then, she was called the Pabebe Girl a.k.a Neneng Mamon causing her number of followers to rise beyond her imagination.

If you haven't watched her yet, get some very cold beverage ready before you watch the video below. A cold beverage must be taken in any event that you feel like smashing the screen you are watching with (jk).

Meet "Pa Bebe" GirlEto po si Pa-bebe Girl in her papampam video.
Posted by ALAM KO! on Friday, May 8, 2015

To be fair..

People should really not take Pabebe Girl seriously because she's just another entertainer who just wants to deliver online content. After all, her video content is light-hearted in nature. If you watch her other videos (if you dare) you will see that she's taking it lightly and is happy with her mamon eating video going viral no matter how much she's being bashed because of it.

What happened to Pabebe Girl?

Today, it is said that Pabebe Girl is still wandering in malls alone and sad and hungry looking for the next mamon she can selfie video eating.

What do you think of Pabebe Girl's story? Are you annoyed by her antics? Share us your thoughts!

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  4. 'This Pabebe' girl speaks boldly the realities of today's youth. It's so sad that many of our young people could not find something worthwhile to do in their homes, friends to share laughter and food, and family members who would welcome their friends at home.