The Filipino fighter Manny Pacquiao thinks Floyd Mayweather loves him because of all the warm hugs he got from him during their match. Unfortunately, Pacquiao lost the bout via unanimous decision leaving Mayweather still the undefeated world champion.

Pacman said during the post fight interview that he thought he won but he was surprised that the judges declared his opponent as the winner. As expected, boxing fans did not like the outcome of the match that was dubbed as the fight of the century.

Netizens says that to their eyes, Manny should have won the fight because what Mayweather did was run around and give Pacman hugs whenever he can. When asked what he thinks of Mayweather's hugging strategy, Pacquiao answered: "Mahal nya yata ako eh." (I think he loves me).

So as tribute to Floyd Mayweather's sweet loving strategy, we are dedicating this page to his hugs and his other annoying strategy: running. Let's enjoy Floyd's hugs below:

Floyd Mayweather running meme
Floyd Mayweather hugs Manny Pacquiao

Mayweather Hugs | A love storyMayweather Hugs music video.
Posted by ALAM KO! on Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pacquiao interview. "Mahal nya yata ako eh."

Pacquiao recalls the fight with Mayweather: He kept hugging me. I think he loves me.
Posted by Rappler on Sunday, May 3, 2015

That's all the memes and videos about Floyd hugging Manny that we found. What's your favorite?

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