A young woman in the United States has been suffering severe addiction to twerking. She literally can't stop bouncing her buttocks up and down and from side to side.

Stevie used to be the perfect daughter every parent in the world could ask for. She was also the perfect sister a little brother could ask for until one day she discovered a hip-hop dance move that would change their lives.

Stevie's Twerking Addiction

It all started when she was signed for by her mother into a hip-hop dance class. Her mother thought that dancing would be a perfect outlet for her daughter but then suddenly it took a bitter turn. Luckily, Stevie's addiction to twerking is not without cure. But the family's bond and desire to get through it will be put to test.

Watch the full documentary of Stevie's twerk addiction below and learn from her mistakes.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Twerking Intervention LOLVIDEO OF THE DAY: Twerking Intervention LOL
Posted by Big Mama and The WiLD Bunch on Friday, June 14, 2013
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