Opie Hughes suffers from protanopia, a condition which affects his ability to see red and green colors properly. This condition effectively made him colorblind all his life until one fateful winter day.

Using a pair of special glasses called EnChroma Glasses, Hughes sees the colors of the world accurately for the first time ever. This tech gadget is specially made for people like Hughes suffering colorblindness. It enables the wearer to see more vibrant colors without compromising the accuracy or color balance of the scene.
Colorblind dad sees true colors for the first time

Although he knew about the technology, he was not able to drop $350 on it and that is when his sister ended up setting up a GoFundMe to raise the needed money. He received the glasses as a gift for his birthday.

When he tried it on for the first time, he was overwhelmed seeing the colors of his surrounding and the eyes of his children. It was filmed and watching him is like witnessing a blind man seeing for the first time.

 What do you think of this story? Did you also get teary-eyed after watching colorblind dad's video?

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