Thai employee Koko Narak a.k.a. Kosin Prasertsri who works for a company called Cognizant has earned the ire of Pinoy netizens from posting hateful and racist comments agains Filipinos. The said comments was posted on ASEAN Community page and it quickly got the attention of many people who are also subscribed to the page.

For the sake of truth and facts, we are posting the screenshots of some of the controversial rants of Koko Naraka below.

Koko Narak tells the world how Filipinos are only good for being maids and toilet lickers.

To Koko, Filipino is synonymous to 'low class slum slaves'.

While we are not sure what he meant by "cockroaches prisoned by Baygon", calling names to a race is not nice. Narak calls Filipinos "Pignoys" -- a disrespectful mockery to "Pinoys".

Koko Narak also remarked the number 1 fastfood chain in country Jollibee as "stupid taste food".

Our dear Koko also don't want any doctors who came from Philippine medical schools to attend to his medical needs. He feels scared towards them.

While many Filipino netizens' immediate reaction is be angry, many still expressed genuine concern about him and thinks that little Koko might be suffering from some sort of mental disorder. This is because he is not only communicating using a language that appears to be a broken English but also many deemed that no one in their right mind would post the kinds of messages Koko posted to the internet. Eitherway, what Koko did is clearly hateful and racist and need not be tolerated.

Meanwhile, Mr. Koko Narak has already posted an apology to the same FB page where he started his rants about Philippines and its people.

"To All Filipinos on this page"!

This is my great sorrow to inform you that I am very sorry what I've done or posted the racist comments wheter on the Asean page or my personal facebook.

No matter the comments I have done are either from my intention or my playfullness. Kindly accept my apology.

At the first sight of my intention to join this page, I came across just to do the debate only. I didn't mean to hurt your heart Filipinos. Surprisingly, mosts of my debates on the page hurt you because of my imaturity.

This is my sincere apology to all of you Filipinos.

What I would like to inform you is, I am not feeling scared of the post or the blog. But I am feeling scared of brokening all Filipinos' heart here. Many comments that I posted on the page are kind of playful more than my intention to be racist to all Filipinos.

Back to the past, I had many Filipino friends in my school plus I had Filipinos teachers. I would like to let you guys know that I am not that kind of person as you see on the page. I am not trying to say I am good or perfect or make an excuse. But at least, I have many Filipino friends here. I have helped them their financial problem. Many of my friends had no milk to feed their children, no rental monthly, no electricity and no food. I am the one who had helped them with my heart. Bcos I know how they were feeling at that time. I used to be cheated as well. Plus, I always share my happiness to them buying snack, toy and etc to share with the children as I can handle. I am such a pityful person even I sometime have a negative prejudice on Filipinos.

I am not trying to request your sympatize to me but I am trying all dear Filipinos here to think of me in another way. I am very an approachable guy spending my life as Filipinos do, hanging out with friends at the cheap place, singing videoke like Filipinos, buying cloths from Changke. I hope you Filipinos will understand and accept my apology.

Feedback from my company, I have talked and discussed regarding the situation already and I got penalty what I had done. I am deserved it I know. Hope you guys kindly accept my apology since Filipinos are well known to be kind and friendly. Am I right? I might move from here to another branch abroad not in The Philippines anymore but I hope that you will welcome me whenever I come back. I wish I could be welcome from you guys Filipinos.

Finally, once I post this apology to you. I will unlike on this page and never come back again. This is my sincere responsibility and I will handle all by myself everything I have done. Please do not drag my company Cognizant to be the victim or hostage for the situation since I love Cognizant so much. It is one of the best company here I have ever joined with. It is the company I join the longest among those companies when I was in Thailand.

I think I have clarified everything already to all Filipinos. Hope this apology will be notified you guys."

Now let's show little Koko that we Pinoys can are very forgiving men. Especially to those who show signs of illness, be it physically or mentally

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