An insanely rich Chinese businessman bought his happiness for $5 million: an adult video actress. Her name is Rola Misaki a.k.a. Rola Takizawa, a 22-year-old half Russian half Japanese woman.

According to reports and gossips (but mostly gossips), the rich guy offered her $5 million to be exclusive to him for the next 15 years. That means only him and him alone can make sweet sweet love with her till the day her mammary glands sag.

The pair was recently spotted attending events together in the Chinese Capital Beijing and all the time the man was wearing a mask to conceal his identity.

rich man pays $5 million to adult video actress
The Masked Rich Man and Rola Takizawa
Although, the man efficiently covered his face with that silly mask, he forgot to not wear his signature hair style. That is obviously Kim from North Korea! No. Just kidding. So far, no one has come up with a name of the rich guy who buys happiness with millions.

So what do you think of this story? Is this gorgeous woman worth the $5 million of this rich businessman? Can happiness be really bought? Share us your thoughts!

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