Apparently, a man who is believed to be a police officer from QCPD was involved in a traffic altercation that is caught on video. The said video shows a man who claims to be a policeman was acting unbecoming of a public servant; cursing and inciting a fight with a motorist.

The said video went viral after it was uploaded on YouTube and other social media platforms earning the ire of netizens over the police officer. At one point in the video it can be heard that the policeman brags "isa na ang napatay ko (I've killed one person already)". Thankfully, his number of kills did not increase in that altercation.
Pulis Mayabang

Meanwhile, people in social media are scrambling in sharing this video in hopes that it will reach mainstream media and the proper authorities. Watch the now called as Police Mayabang video below and might as well share with others.

What do you think of this story of a rude police officer from QCPD? From a scale of 1 to kick in the face repeated, how would you rate this policeman?

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