A video that supposedly proves that the speed gun in SLEX is a scam is now making the rounds in social media. The video went viral after it was uploaded by a certain Dennis Gonzales.

In the video, a couple was driving through South Luzon Expressway has been flagged down by the traffic enforcers saying that they broke the speed limit. But the couple recorded their speedometer which proves that they did not drove beyond the speed limit.

SLEX Speed Gun is a Scam.
"The SLEX speed gun is a SCAM…driving thru SLEX southbound my wife decided to record our travel because we’ve been apprehended 3x already in a span of 2 weeks for overspeeding, even though our speed is set at 100kph using cruise control. If point A is the Caltex station were we started recording and point C is Calamba exit, point B is ABI Greenfield area where their speed gun is positioned", the caption of the video stated.

Despite having a pretty solid evidence that they did not drive above the speed limit, the enforcers still issued them violation tickets.

 "Even SLEX MATES management confirms to us that our complaint is unprecedented since we have a video to support our claim.", the uploader of the video and complainant also added.

What do you think of this story? Do you think the SLEX speed gun is a scam and is being used to exploit motorists? Share us your thoughts!

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