We have recently proclaimed a Filipino Dubsmash King and so far no one has stepped forward to contest it. So just like any other viral blog authors, we here at Pinoy News Blogger thinks it is only fair and fitting that we also proclaim a queen of Pinoy Dubsmash.

So there's this one young woman Dubsmasher who's also making waves on social media lately. Her name is Maine Mendoza. A lot of netizens think she's cute and that she posses an awesome personality. Those are just some of the positive things said about her that we approved of. Her DS videos on her FB has hundreds of thousands of views already and a f*ck-ton of likes and shares as well.

We suspect, though, that most of them praising her are just boys suffering unhappy grumpy girlfriends or have none at all. But that's besides the point.

The point is this young woman got what it takes to be proclaimed as Queen. For the record, her lip-synching skills is at par with the King Sir Jack. And the faces she makes on her videos are funnily sexy, I mean sexily funny. Whatever. You get what I mean. So in behalf of our team, we now proclaim Miss Maine Mendoza as Queen of Filipino Dubsmash.
Maine Mendoza, Queen of Pinoy Dubsmash, Breaker of Replay Buttons, Lady Reaper of Loneliness and a Confirmed Sexily Funny Person

Now let's all hail the Queen Maine Mendoza and watch all of Her Majety's dubsmash videos in the compilation below.

In order to further rectify this Queensmoot, let us all, his subjects, call on His Grace Sir Jack to anoint and seal Queen Maine's royalty with a kiss. :)

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  1. Please avoid calling Maine Mendoza as 'sexily' funny because there's nothing she posted online that is sensual. Maine expresses her youthfulness through those short videos; she simply wanted to make other people smile. Be fair: Maine has lots of talents! I hope media won't destroy DUB's reputation.

  2. 4 months later... Maine has proven herself to be BEYOND sexily funny. She's very smart, witty, and wacky when you least expect it. We won't have to worry about media destroying her rep (I was worried, too!). Look at CNN, BBC, The Guardian, and so many more who's blown away by her and Alden in AlDub :)
    Author of this article: Kudos to you! :)