The substance that poisoned the three people from drinking milk tea has been found to be oxalic acid and not cyanide as first thought. According to reports, authorities have confirmed that lab tests yields that oxalic acid is what caused the poisoning of three people leaving two deaths and one critical but now recovering.

Oxalic acid is a colorless crystalline solid granules that forms a clear solution when diluted in water. This chemical is often found in ant-rust products, metal cleaners and bleaches.
Milk Tea Ergo Cha Oxalic Acid

Charges filed by police.

Meanwhile, the authorities charged Lloyd Abrigo, the 23 year old whose father is one of the victims William, the owner of milk tea kiosk owner William with two counts of murder and one frustrated murder at Manila prosecutor's office, Friday.

The milk tea poisoning victims.

Suzaine Dagohoy, female and 28 years old died after drinking Ergo Cha milk tea while her boyfriend, Arnold Aydalla who also drank from Suzaine's cup of milk tea survived despite severely suffering from the poisoned beverage. William Abrigo, the owner of the milk tea kiosk also died after drinking his own product.

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