Do you feel the need to be angry at a bad parent today? We've got you well covered for this story involves very bad parenting.

A woman uploaded photos of her baby on a leash. Yes, she put a leash around her baby's neck, photographed it and uploaded it to social media with captions "bago ko nga palang alagang aso (my new pet dog haha)". She also stated that she is delighted because her child was very obedient while on a leash.

As expected, normal people on the internet were furious because who the heck in their right mind would put a leash or rope around their child's neck.

The said photos now reached the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and according to an interview, DSWD Chairman Dinky Solikan said that it was a clear case of Child Abuse and that they are now tracking down the woman who posted said photos.

How about you? Do you have a pet that is not a child and want to share with us? Because we would love to see cute animal photos to ease our anger after seeing these anger inducing pictures of a baby on a leash.

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