A video of an incident that took place inside a fastfood chain has emerged and is quickly going viral. The said video shows a male customer carrying a dog going off on a security guard who apprehended him for bringing an animal inside the establishment.

Apparently, no animals are allowed inside the fastfood chain. But this certain customer did not like the idea of having his pet dog being off limits to a fastfood chain so he snapped and yelled and threatened to hurt the security personnel. So far, no one knows who this man was and why does he have the nerve to get angry despite the fact that he is the one who's violation an establishment's house rule.

But we must not be too quick to judge. Maybe the dog is all he got as family. Maybe he suffers from a medical condition that he thinks that his dog is actually a person. Either way, the lesson here is do not bring an animal to fastfood chains because fastfood chains are establishments that serves food and you don't want to take any chance of having the food there sprinkled with animal hair or something.

Watch the full report of our very own Gasgas in the video below.

What do you think of this guy who brings a dog inside a fastfood chain? Do you think pets should be allowed inside restaurants as long as the pet is cleaner than the face of the security guard? Share us your thoughts!

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