An anger inducing video showing a man hurting an elderly woman, believed to be his own mother, at a bus terminal in Cubao is making rounds on social media. The video earns tons of comments expressing their disgust over the man and pity for the elderly woman he is treating roughly.

Reports says the incident happened on Thursday, May 21.

It appears that the man is mistreating his woman companion by shoving and pushing her torso, legs and head. The woman seems to be terrified but she can only lean away from her aggressor.

Man hurts his mother at terminal

At one point, the woman screamed, crying for help but nobody seem to have paid attention. Nobody in the terminal confronted the man but surprisingly, netizens posted their furious comments about how the man mistreated his very own mother.

What do you think about this story? From a scale of 1 to kick in the face, how would you rate this man hurting his own elderly mother? Share us your thoughts!

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