A still unidentified man from Davao City was rescued while hanging on a high tension power line. Luckily, the rescuers arrived on time was able get the man from harms way.

According to witnesses, the man was seen wandering around the vicinity several days before the incident happened. It appears that the man is homeless and not of stable of mind. He was even often spotted by resident walking in the middle of a busy traffic.
man hangs on high voltage power line

When the man did climbed the power lines, a concerned citizen saw him and immediately called help from Davao City Central 911 Emergency Response Center.

The rescue team arrived shortly but took a good hour to convince the man to be safely brought down by the bucket truck.

The video was first posted by netizen Daisuke Kish on FB and has since gathered attention from social media. Daisuke also said that the man was assisted by police mobile patrol after his successful rescue.

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