NBI clearance can now be acquired in three simple steps according to National Bureau of Investigation announcement on Monday. The agency also announced that registrations and setting appointments as well as payments can be done more easily.
NBI Clearance Application 3 Steps.

The agency said it has completed rolling out its online clearance system making the traditional six step process into simpler and easier 3 steps. It will now only take less than five minutes to complete the application and can also be done through mobile phones.

The 3 simple steps of applying NBI clearance online or via mobile.

Step 1: Registration and setting appointment & e-Payment through the NBI website www.nbi.gov.ph

Once the website's homepage has fully loaded, the applicant must fill up an application form. To go to the form look for the "Click Here" button. See image below.

After filling up the form, you will be given a schedule of date when you can go to clearance center and proceed with the next step. After you pick your appointment, choose how your payment method from online banking, over the counter bank payment, Bayad Center, LBC or mobile payment systems. When done, there will be a piece of code or reference number that will be given upon completing filling up the online form. This reference numbers will also serve as the gate pass to NBI clearance centers.

Step 2: Biometrics photo and fingerprint capture. Go to NBI Clearance Center and present your reference numbers to have your photo and biometrics taken.

Step 3: Clearance Printing. Right after step 2 you can have your NBI clearance printed in just a few minutes.

That's it! Just like that and you have your clearance but whether there is derogatory report in it or not completely depends on who you are and what you did.

What do you think of the new 3 steps to apply for NBI Clearance online? Do you think it is more efficient? Share us your thoughts!

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