In old times people resorted to violence in order to live; waging war with each other just to survive. That was the old times when humans were still too naive to build a society.

Today, as we have grown to a smarter version of men, we now know better and that is: violence sucks. So we despise violence be it a large scale war or smaller cases like bullying in school. But the type of violence that people despise the most is domestic violence such as physical abuse committed within a family or between couples.

Girlfriend hits boyfriend in public

So what will you do if you see a couple arguing and then suddenly one of them started hitting the other?

This social experiment by YouTube channel OCKTV intends to reveal how people react upon witnessing a girl beating her man versus a man beating her woman. It really sends out a strong message of people's double standards in regards to domestic abuse.

What do you think of social experiment? Do you think that women abusing a man is acceptable while a man abusing a woman is not? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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