Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s son's written account of when he saw his father beat his mom leaks to the internet days before he face Manny Pacquiao in what is called the fight of the century in Las Vegas. It's a hand written letter of what Mayweather's kid observed during the morning his parents broke into a fight.

Apparently, the said letter made it to the internet via its frontpage: Reddit. It was posted by Redditor BranchRickey and as of now has gotten over a thousand comments most of which expressed their sympathy to the kid and disgust to the boxer. This letter indeed evoked pity and anger at the same time from thousands of netizens. The actual letter of Mayweather's son below followed by our transcriptions.

I saw my dad was on my mom and my mom said go to the office. My dad was hitting her and when my dad left he took my phone and his friend was blocking the stairs. His friend's name is James and my dad kick my mom and he told me to go in my room but I went to go get my mom's friend that live in our back house. 

My dad knocked on my door to the patio then I open it and he came in and told me to close the door to the family room.

Then I heard yelling and I came out and my dad was hitting my mom. It happened at 4:00 a.m. in the morning.

Then my mom told me to run to the gate. Then I ran and James was walking to come and get me. So then I jumped the fence and went to the security office and told them then I heard my mom running to the gate then the security let her in. 

Then James go in my dad's car and drove to the other gate. His car is a Maibock. When all this started my mom was asleep on the couch in the family room. My dad too my mom's phone.
  The letter was written by Floyd Mayweather's son Koraun when he was 10 as a statement for the police regarding the said incident.

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