A Filipino League of Legends or LOL player kid almost smashed the computer he was playing on after losing a game. As usual, it was caught on camera and is now making the rounds in social media and every trending news blogs on the web.

The video clip is just 32 seconds long but that is long enough to make you cringe. The starts off with the kid suddenly throwing around his headphones and banging on the keyboard of the PC he was on. The incident appears to have taken place inside a public internet cafe so the chances of him owning the computer he almost break is little to none. Unless he owns the said computer shop.

Filipino DOTA 2 LOL Player smashed computer after losing
Well, I just have to point that out because, you know, it is not nice to break someone else's computer. See the raging kid footage shot with a cellphone camera below.

Meanwhile, in most opinions of the general population of netizens, this kid needs to be taught how not to be a c*nt and accept defeat with honor and dignity. Some reports says that the game this raging kid is playing was DOTA 2 while some says it's LOL. Either way, netizens agree that gamers should not act like this.

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