Dubsmash videos are still trending and has been a staple entertainment in every Pinoy's newsfeed for the past several months. But one guy stands out the most. If you haven't already know about this certain dude who's making everyone burst of laughter then I suggest you read on.

Meet Sir Jack, the funny man that never ceases to make us laugh everytime his videos shows up in our newsfeed. That being said we now proclaim this awesome man the King of all Filipino Dubsmash. If you want to contest this proclamation, you must first watch this Dubsmash video compilation of him.

Filipino Dubsmash King Sir Jack
Now all hail the King and like his page here. I'm sure that you don't want to miss out on what he's going to do next.

Meanwhile, you may also want to watch a whole bunch of worth watching Pinoy Dubsmasher. A massive collection of all pinoy DS videos we can get our hands on  are compiled in one playlist below. Watch and enjoy!

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