At least four people were killed in Davao City massacre May 20, 2015. Among the 4 victims were 2 children who were all residents of Residencia Del Rio Phase 4, Barangay Catalunan Pequeno.

According to reports, the step father of the 2 children is the suspect as there are no signs of force of entry found in the house where the bodies were found. This suggests that the suspect/s are not known to the victims. There were also no valuables taken suggesting that the motive for the killing is not robbery.
Davao City Massacre

Meanwhile, a video covering the aftermath of said incident surfaces which is now quickly going viral on social media. The footage was shot using a celphone camera shows the bodies of the victims on stretchers being carried out of the crime scene.

Netizens expresses sympathies for the victims while some expressed disgust towards the person who took the video as he was deemed being inappropriate on the scene of a horrible crime.

What do you feel about this story of the Davao City massacre? Do you think the person taking the video is indeed acting inappropriate? Share us your thoughts!

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