Daniel Padilla freaked out after seeing a spider appeared in a magic trick performed to him and his buddies by Jeff Tam. He screamed as the bug magically appeared on the hand of his friend.

Fans were amused by the fact that Daniel Padilla was cursing and screaming upon seeing an 8 legged bug appear as part of the magic trick performed by rapper and magician Jeffrey Tam to them. At one point it can be heard that Padilla said "Tengene gegembe yen!" Just kidding. He actually said "Tangina gagamba yan!"

The fans thought it was cute and so as our female staff here thought so, too so we won't disagree because we don't want to experience the wrath of female fan girls.

Daniel Padilla fears spiders

Watch Daniel Padilla screaming as a tiny spider comes to terrorize him.

By the way, Jeffrey Tam the guy performing the trick in the video who was also one of the pioneers of hiphop in the country is a renowned magician worldwide. He's tricks are definitely world class. You should check him out.

Now what do you think of this Daniel Padilla freaked out by a spider video? Do you also have arachnophobia? Share us your thoughts in the comments!

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