A video teens twerking inside a public utility jeep is now making rounds on social media. The video was uploaded to the internet a year ago but it has been getting a lot of attention these past few days since various FB pages posted it.

The said video features a group of teen aboard a jeepney with blaring music. The teens then decided it would be a great idea if they dance to the music. This is deemed by netizens as extremely not okay since they were in a public vehicle. Some even argued that what this group of teens did was an invitation to sexual harassment.
Twerking Teens inside public jeep

Upon examining the video with the trained eyes of our male staff members, we have come to a conclusion that they dance pretty well. But the female members of our staff says that what they did is not something that is done inside a public vehicle. Go watch the said video that stirred the opinions of many Filipino netizens.

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