In an interview that never really happened, Floyd Mayweather Jr. cries upon reading comments on social media and admits he is a proud member of the LGBT community. This shocking news first broke out from a hoax website. That means it's just fake news.

While it could be a real earth-shattering news that Mayweather is gay, it is sadly not true - at least not at the moment. He did not admit that he was actually a girl living in a man's body. According to the fake news, the pound-for-pound king even cried after reading the comments about him on social media prompting him 'come out' from the closet and tell the whole world that he is fabulous.
Mayweather Cries Upon Reading Comments

Now for the last time I tell you that the the news is fake. The hoax site just appears to be legit because of Showtime's logo and it cites as source known ESPN reporter Michael Kepley Jr. Unfortunately, if you click on one of those links you will be redirected to websites that may post a threat to your social accounts i.e. phishing your online credentials.

So yeah, Floyd Mayweather did not cry upon reading the comments about him on social media and admit he is gay. But that doesn't mean that he is not actually... whatever. Peace out!

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