"Is this God punishing the church?" one netizen asks. A video that was first uploaded to YouTube on May 27, 2015 shows the Grand Isle St. Gerard church being hit by lightning.

The person filming the church was shocked when he saw that the cross was suddenly hit by a bolt of lightning during a cloudy thunderstorm. Apparently, Carl Bouley, the person who filmed the extraordinary event was kind of expecting it to happen as it also happened back in 2007 during a similar thunderstorm. He saw that the weather condition is similar from back then so decided to film the church in hopes that he can have the exact moment of lighting strike on tape. He waited and waited and then this incredible event happened. It was terrifying though.
Grand Isle St. Gerard Church Struck by lightning

Sparks and what seem to be embers bursting from the church's steeple looks like fireworks as it fell down the lower roof of the church which fortunately did not caught fire.

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