Song covers of people are not new in social media and in fact it has become one of the most popular type of content online. Some amateur song covers went viral and some unfortunately did not make it to see the light of day. But this particular girl who does an amazing cover is undoubtedly bound for fame.

We are talking about none other than Mikee Cate, who has an incredibly lovely voice despite having a cleft lip and palate. This woman here is now becoming one of the fastest rising internet sensation in the Philippines will probably make it national TV very soon. I bet Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho's researchers are now on it as I type this.
Girl with cleft lip and palate can sing real good.

If words cannot convince you easily, I suggest you watch her video and see for yourself how good she is despite her condition.

Mikee's cover of the hit song 'Maybe This Time' has been viewed 200,000 times and counting and has garnered thousands of likes and shares since it was uploaded May 13. Trending news blogs and FB pages are now posting about her so it is just a matter of time before mainstream media picks her up. This girl is gonna be famous and she will bring inspiration to others.

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