A scary message has been going around social media lately and it has Pinoy netizens getting anxious about it. The said messages is about an alleged Abu Sayaf threats of attacks against SM malls. These kinds of scare is not new however, it still impacts the people who it reaches. It can cause panic if not handled properly by authorities.

The Abu Sayaf is allegedly demanding money amounting to $15 million from SM or they will bomb an SM mall if their demand is not met within a this week. The said scare messages also implied that meetings between top level officers of SM and BDO were held to address the matter.

Meanwhile, SM has issued an official statement regarding this issue.
"We are requesting the authorities to verify the source of the information circulating as said information was not released by any SM officer."
Here's a screenshot of the said text threat grabbed from fashion website fashionpulis.com
Here's another one of the said text messages from wheninmanila.com:
As of the time of this writing, this terrible news has not been verified yet by the authorities if it's legit or just another hoax from fear mongering folks. What do you think about this Abu Sayaf bomb threat to SM malls?

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