A video of what appears to be an altercation between seemingly drunk woman and store owner now circulates the web. The video shows a woman stripping off her clothes in her efforts to taunt the other woman she's apparently having trouble with.

All of this apparently, is because the woman in question ate at a restaurant in Petaling Street market but refused to pay when she was billed and tries to leave. The other woman seen stopping her from getting away is an owner of a jewelry store beside the restaurant.
Petaling Woman to avoid paying

According to the person in charge of the restaurant, the woman who was with a man, ordered two plates of chicken rice priced at RM18 but after they consumed the undoubtedly delicious meal and was billed, she denied ever eating in the said establishment. She was then showed a CCTV footage proving that indeed she and her accomplice ate in the restaurant.

That is when the said woman, who was believed to be a foreigner and a model, started yelling and kept on insisting that she had already paid the meal and then suddenly to the surprise of crowd, she took her top off and stated taunting the other woman who was trying to stop her from fleeing. The woman along with another suspect fled the scene just before the cops arrived.

The woman was not identified and according to witnesses and some videos, she appears to be a Caucasian and slim in body. A second video of the incident has also been uploaded on social media but was taken down immediately.

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