An alleged witch recorded on video in Qatar near the Saudi border is now making the rounds in pretty much every creepy and paranormal centered social media pages on the internet. The said video shows what appears to be an old lady dressed in white, her long hair all over her face, carries wooden staff and makes the sound of a regular Hollywood inspired witch.

The creepy footage is believed to have been shot by two men while driving near the border of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. You can hear in the footage the screams of the man taking the footage as the witch gets closer to them. At one point, the witch can be heard laughing terrifyingly.

Witch attacked two people in Qatar
Zoomed in screenshot of the alleged witch.
Meanwhile, some people has stepped forward and offered their expertise in debunking this incident. While some believe that what was captured in this video is a real witch, some people pointed out that it could be just an act or staged and that all the people in the video are collaborators who acted together.

Whatever truth behind this terrifying footage may not be found until the original source has been tracked and questioned by authorities. For now you are the one who should decide for yourself if this witch in Qatar genuine real or fake. Go watch the footage below at your own risk (cue X-Files music).

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