Here is something worthy of an online debate: who kissed first in this viral video of two young dancers who accidentally kissed each other in the middle of their routine?

We are talking of the short clip posted by website Girls Ask Guys on their official FB page which is now getting a lot of attention from all over the social media scene. The footage shows an unexpected first kiss of the young pair at a dance school. Their reaction after the contact is somewhat adorably awkward and nonetheless priceless. The girl ran away while the boy was left just standing there as if stunned.
Who Kissed First?

Now without further adieu let us give you the "unexpected first kiss and unexpected reaction" video.

Unexpected first kiss and unexpected reaction :SUnexpected first kiss and unexpected reaction :SGirls and guys shared their first kiss stories ▶ http://goo.gl/7YdcSc
Posted by Girls Ask Guys on Monday, April 13, 2015

This clip that is only ten seconds in length has been viewed by thousands as of the time of this writing and is expected to get millions of hits in the coming days. So let's get back to the question at hand: who kissed first?

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